Please share: Full-year STEAM Program now available!

Exciting news! Per parents’ request during the STEAM online summer program, I have designed a full-year online STEAM program with 9 subjects for 5th – 9th grade students! 🥳🥳🥳

The program is self-paced and includes 2 – 4 hours of daily lessons and assignments, teacher feedback, math practice tracking, peer discussions, and engaging projects.

The subjects included are:
Web Design and Coding, Geometry and Building, Combined Sciences, Pre-Algebra and Intro to Algebra, Grammar and Composition, Agriculture and Cooking, Entrepreneurship, Study and Research, & Art and Culture.

🥳The first week of classes officially begins Oct. 21, 2019. 🥳


Students who are enrolled before that time for the full program will receive immediate access to lessons as well as the first month for $29 with coupon code STEAM. After the first month, the program is only $49/month.

STEAM All Year differs from other online STEAM/STEM programs in that:

🔭 Teacher feedback and support is provided to students based on their individual progress

🔭 Students are able to ask questions and interact with their peers in discussion

🔭 The curriculum is African-centered!

You can choose the full bundle to add to your homeschooling day or choose individual courses for $9/month for after school.

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to supporting your students in academic success!