This is our future?

The failures of our education spelled

In connect the dot patterns of shattered glass

Across the beer and piss stained concrete;

The smoke strangled laughter from the hallways

The curlicues her legs make

As her soul prepares to evaporate

Leaving behind a curvy shell

To be crushed

Under pressure.

The failures of our education misspelled

In the profane slurs of graffiti strokes

Across larger-than-life billboards,

Advertising liquid dreams with which

To drown your struggle.

Yaki, kankelon, smooth, silky, permed 100% human hair

That may not make you beautiful but the goal is

Simply: not to look like


The failures of our education rhythmically

Pumping through that ass bouncing bass-line

In politically incorrect grammar and

Grammatically incorrect politics;

All they know is they mad

A child proclaims with the wisdom of a sage

When the complaints, prayers, war cries,

Curses, poems, new age fast-paced spirituals

And tired sighs of abandon

Mingle together into a language

Disregarded as primitive

Because compassionate disdain

Comes a whole lot cheaper than understanding.

But this, is our future

Wanton apathetic extensions of ourselves

Long-legged and loud-mouthed,

Flicking her tongue ring with her lighter;

This, wrapped in gang colors

Brain full of THC, rap lyrics, and video game codes;

This, fueled by a proud and sordid past

What shall we hand them to seed their gardens?

Someone has to believe

Someone has to believe,

Because this full-bellied girl-child

Is one generation in the bloodline away

From becoming a grandmother

A grand-mother.

Someone has to believe

Because this, is our future.