Exciting news!  Re-Divining Self, my first full length collection of poetry, fiction, and personal essays is now in print!

Follow the link to secure your copy: Re-Divining Self

I am so enthused to be able to share this collection with you.  The work within spans from a short poem I wrote when I was 9 to spoken word written this year.  Re-Divining Self is meant to be a reflection of my journey and growth; thus inherently, the growth patterns of all humans.  We all share common traits and emotions as we navigate through this life thing, right?

But I have to tell you, opening myself to releasing this book to the public was not the easiest decision.  I would like to hide my vulnerability, my bad decisions, my anger and present myself as a “whole” woman who has always been whole.  Yet, I realize that wholeness is not being without mercuriality, but being able to express all of who we are and accept all of who we are without judgment.  Sure, we grow, but that does not discount the worth of who we are at any and every given time.

Re-Divining Self spans across the topics of Urban Society, Politics, Love, Domestic Violence, Self Reflection, Metaphysics, Drug Abuse, Writing as Healing, and even more.  None of us are mono-faceted and this book taps into much of who and what I am, and maybe who and what we all are as humans.  I hope that you enjoy your print or e-book copy and feel free to message or email me with thoughts and reviews!

Nikala Asante